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Author Tommy Howard spent his childhood on a tobacco farm located in Eastern North Carolina. He managed to put himself through East Carolina University, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Technology in 1963. When his father’s business went bankrupt, he took it upon himself to revive it, ultimately establishing five thriving businesses. Tommy is now a full-time RV enthusiast and spends most of his time exploring the Western states, particularly Colorado.

Moreover, Tommy Howard is highly regarded in the RV community due to his extensive expertise in all aspects of RV life, from his passion for RVing and his ownership of an RV business. He is widely recognized as America’s top recreational vehicle authority. While some individuals may have spent over 15 years camping full-time or visited numerous national parks, states, and countries in their RVs, Tommy has accomplished both, having taken eight trips through Europe and embarked on a four-year journey from North Carolina to the southern tip of South America via Canada. He has also sold more than 3,000 RVs, giving him a unique perspective from “both sides of the desk.” Tommy and Linda have created The Freedom Machine roadtrip romance book to share their love for the RV lifestyle, which they believe is the best way of life for all genders, It’s one of the best women and men inspiration book. Join them for a ride and experience it for yourself.